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برنامج ادارة نقاط البيع وادارة الطلبيات منصة سندباد

Refund Policy

- Imdad Tech Information Technology Company will refund any amount of money paid to Imdad Tech Information Technology Company within the first 14 days from the date of registration.

- The customer must secure the required electronic devices, and if the customer has concluded an independent agreement with Imdad Tech Information Technology Company, he will secure some of the necessary devices.

Imdad Tech Information Technology Company does not guarantee it or undertake to maintain it, and the term maintenance under this contract does not include maintenance of any electronic device, but rather is limited to the program that is the subject of this contract.

 - The customer must inform the employees of Imdad Tech Information Technology Company about the malfunctions by appropriate means, including through:

- Chatbot website.

- Via WhatsApp website.

- Via the website contact form.

The client must provide the appropriate environment for the program to work, and bear responsibility for any violation of recognized standards and requirements, including, for example:

- Providing modern computers compatible with the nature of the program, and providing high-speed Internet to ensure the effectiveness of the program’s work

- Imdad Tech Information Technology Company is committed to providing regular periodic maintenance for the program during the contract period, and the original is that Imdad Tech Information Technology Company undertakes this

Handling software malfunctions within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the time he actually becomes aware of the customer’s report.

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