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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about Siindbad platform for managing points of sale and online orders

What is Siindbad?

An integrated system for managing points of sale, whether for retailers or wholesalers, in addition to managing orders and offers to link retailers with wholesalers and suppliers by sending an order and choosing the best offers presented. Add to that an online store that displays all your products and makes them available online so that the purchase and payment process can be completed electronically or at the counter.

How do I register in Siindbad?

You can register through the following link

Once you register, your account will be activated immediately and you can log in

How can I log in after registering?

You can enter via the following link

Or through Siindbad's website you will find a button


You enter the email you entered during registration and your password that you entered during registration

How can I add an employee and create an account for hem?

You can add an employee to the system after logging in with the main account. Go to Settings, then Employees, add the employee, and choose his permission

Can the employee log in with the same account as the admin?

Yes, the employee can log in with the same account as the admin, and thus he will have the same powers as the admin

Does Siindbad need to be downloaded and installed?

You will not need to download and install the siindbad, as it works online

What devices does Siindbad work on?

It works on all computers, tablets, and smartphones with an Internet browser installed, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or any other browser.

Does work on Siindbad stop when the internet goes out?

Work on Siindbad does not stop when the Internet is interrupted, because the system takes you to work offline, and when the service returns, the data synchronization process takes place automatically.

Is Siindbad free or paid?

Siindbad has a completely free version provided to serve business owners and facilitate the management of points of sale and inventory, and another is paid and has a period of one month for free.

Can I upgrade from the free package to the paid package?

You can do this at any time by clicking on the upgrade button on your account and all your data will be kept the same

How can I pay?

You can pay the subscription through known electronic payment methods, and a payment notification will appear at the appropriate time

Can you help me transfer data from my old program?

Yes, it is possible to upload your data by preparing an Excel file in a specific format, and this service is available in the paid and free package

Why is working on an online platform to manage my business better than an office program?

Ensuring data preservation, as data is stored in highly efficient servers equipped with the highest levels of security, protection and privacy

The development of the Sinbad system is continuous and never interrupted, which provides a work environment based on the latest vision for processing and benefiting from data, all of which is in the interest of the user.

You can access the system and work at any time and from anywhere

You can contact support at any time and from anywhere to inquire or request assistance in solving any problem you face in use

You can benefit from the online store linked to the cashier

You can benefit from direct connectivity with suppliers and follow up on stock shortages

When you work through an online platform, you keep pace with the times, live it, and benefit from all its present and future achievements.

Is there a video tutorial on how to configure and work on Siindbad?

Yes, definitely, after logging in to your Siindbad account, you will find at the top of the page a link to detailed explanation videos

If I format my device and erase everything on it, will I lose my data?

You will not lose your data in any way because it is stored on our largest servers and automatic data backups are made periodically.

Is my data safe? Can anyone access my data or exploit it in any way? What about confidentiality?

The entire idea is based on building bridges of trust, so data confidentiality and security occupy the first place in our strategy, which aims to develop a tool and make an achievement in the field of information technology and its processing. Therefore, this data cannot, under any circumstances, be accessed or tampered with.

How can I ask for help?

You can contact support via the WhatsApp icon, the direct chat icon on the platform, or through the Contact Us form on the site

   or siindbad facebook

Why is it preferable to communicate with us via website chat, WhatsApp, or Messenger?

  Documenting the support process, where management reviews conversations to ensure the best customer service is provided,

 The ability to send pictures and files via chat, which allows the problem or request to be presented in a clearer and more detailed way,

 The company provides its services throughout the world in all its dialects, so it is preferable to use chat for ease of communication and presentation, 

 Writing gives the opportunity to think and present the problem in a more detailed and accurate manner,.

and There are a large number of our technical support employees that you can reach through chat. 


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